We are much more than just an Aviary

During your stay here, we hope you will agree!

We are a caring, family based Aviary, that is continually searching for loving "forever homes" for our baby birds. When we find such homes, our mission is to provide the highest quality, affordably priced, hand fed and socialized baby chicks.

Our babies are played with regularly and spoiled to no end. When Our babies are old enough we socialize them with young children, visitors, other pets and introduce our "little darlings" to a variety of sights and sounds. This way they are familiar with most surroundings. Did we mention spoiled to no end?

Every baby bird we sell is hand fed and weaned onto many types of food like egg, soft fresh fruit, fresh veggies, cooked rice, pasta, beans, pellets and seed. So when your new baby bird is ready to come home there is very little for you to do, other than spoil them rotten and have fun with your new ,"feathered friend".


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